EFPA Level 1: UK Online Podium Access Course

The Podium Access Course (PAC) takes you on a learning journey which will enable you to use all Podium assessments and systems and also qualify you for the BPS/EFPA Assistant Test User (ATU) Certificate.
Introducing you to the science of psychology that sits behind testing we’ll help you understand the importance of the individual differences in psychological attributes which describe us all. We’ll help you understand how to choose which test to use, options for delivering that test to test takers and how to understand and use the results effectively. We’ll establish an ethical framework to ensure your test practice is fair and inclusive.
Typical time for completion is approx. 6 hours

  • Introduction
  • Introduction to podium e-learning
  • Introduction to psychometrics
  • Choosing an Using Tests
  • Podium assessments
  • Choosing tests
  • Test administration
  • Test Administration Exercise
  • Understanding & Using Test Reports
  • Understanding test results
  • Ability tests and reports
  • Personality tests and reports
  • Appropriate use of computer reports
  • Helping Others Understand Results
  • Communicating feedback - ability results
  • Communicating feedback - personality results
  • Ethical Responsibilities & Additional Information
  • Professional and ethical responsibilities
  • Test Scoring and Additional Standardised Scores
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever